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The Case of Green Ham


A fun and thrilling detective comedy adventure, full of super characters you will fall in love with. 

Meet Kody, the unwitting, bumbling wacky hero and his big brother Oscar, the wise leader.

The Old Bones Club is called out to help Kody when he discovers something is off at the nursing home where his friends live.

What is the scheming Administrator and her fiendish feline, McEvil up to?

And what about and the deadly duo -Tall Hat and Leather Jacket?

208 pages, flexi-cover, illustrated plus 4 pp colour centre.

For 6-11 years and all dog-lovers.

An enthralling read from cover to cover

The characters of the cast are so realistic, you can visualise them performing their heroic and brave deeds!


The artwork too is brilliant. I'd certainly recommend this as a fun and entertaining read - Can't wait for the next one in the series. 


Hurrah for Oscar & Kody!!!!            Graham T

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