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The Old Bones Club

KODY Dog Detective

Kody follows in Oscar's footsteps. He loves to play 'hide and seek'. His favourite season of the year is Autumn - you'll never find him in all the crispy, crunchy leaves. He has a white chin, long ears, fluffy paws and a big fan-like tail.

He likes bouncing, cuddles, pouncing, hiding behind the sofa at the bottom of the stairs, waiting to pounce on Oscar.

Adventures? There must be time for at least ONE before dinner-time.


Squadron Leader Duvet is a Mallard: the ancestor of almost all of the varieties of domestic duck. Mallards are large and heavy looking ducks. they have a long body and a long and broad bill. The male has a dark green head, a yellow bill, is mainly purple-brown on the breast and grey on the body. The female is mainly brown with an orange bill. It is the commonest duck and most widespread so you have a chance of seeing it just about anywhere where there is suitable wetland habitat, even in urban areas.

Special Features: Duvet wears a flying cap and goggles when training the Duvet Duck Division.

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