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Like all good detective stories, this one begins with a missing duck and a lot of green feet.

Follow the continuing, fun-filled fantastical adventures of bouncy, bubbly Kody dog as he tunnels his way into a new mystery and a bucket full of trouble.


Will Kody and the Old Bones Club find their missing friends?

What does the Chairman have planned?


Can the Old Bones Club prevent an environmental catastrophe in Dellwood village? Here's a Dog Detective Agency Case that even Kody - the number ONE detective dog - may not be able to solve.
And McEvil? The meanest, baddest cat in the neighbourhood. This time, can she settle the score with Kody dog?

The Dog Detective Agency adventures continues.

An enthralling read from cover to cover

The characters of the cast are so realistic, you can visualise them performing their heroic and brave deeds!


The artwork too is brilliant. I'd certainly recommend this as a fun and entertaining read - Can't wait for the next one in the series. 


Hurrah for Oscar & Kody!!!!            Graham T

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