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One person can't change the planet, but Kody thinks he can certainly try!

MEET KODY: Adorable, scatter-brained Kody bounces through a life full of fantasies, until his nose tells him there is something rotten at the nursing Home, where as a certified Therapy dog, he visits and brings joy to his human friends. 

Based on true events, this classic, detective comedy adventure series introduces Kody, his brother Oscar ‘the Oracle’, the awesome members of the Old Bones Club and the most unlikely avian army.



Caren Trafford


Kody is a a very inquisitive King Charles Spaniel and a real Therapy dog.
After visiting a nursing home for 3 years with Caren, the idea of the Dog Detective Series came about.

Propelled by the real characters, authors Caren and Mike put their heads together, and created the Dog Detective Series.


Mike Lotzof
Kody Dog Detective

Head of Advertising

Author and staff member to the Dog Detectives, Mike is always on the look-out for new tales to delight and enchant.

Writing and coffee are his two favourite pastimes.

Kody and his brother Oscar the Oracle, run the advertising team with their mates, the Old Bones Club.

They hope you enjoy the book and the web-site and look forward to sharing their adventures and dog tales with you all.


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