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Sweetpea Shoots
for the Moon

sweetpea flies over the moon.jpg
sweetpea shoots for the moon front cover
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Sweetpea Shoots for the Moon, is the fourth book in the Adventures of Sweetpea series.

It's time for the Big Band Jazz Festival  held at Sandy and Muddy's Dinner Club on the beach.

Sweetpea starts the day by agreeing to help by  getting everything that's on a long shopping list. But he's not very good with words.

And so starts the next adventure. 


Sweetpea gets to drive the shiny, red tractor, finds out how useful compost can be, gets to ride in an air-ship and learns to play a musical instrument.

What a day!

Sweetpea Shoots for the Moon, is  educational and entertaining.

Meet up with new friends and catch up with the old ones.

More fun-filled antics that only this  white, fluffy dog, can bring to Dellwood Valley.

Laughter guaranteed!

Plus more fun recipes to try out at the end of the book. 


An enthralling read from cover to cover

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