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Books, Colouring In &

Fun Activities

Come and explore the enchanted worlds of the Dog Detectives and The Adventures of Sweetpea.

Two children's book series that are full of entertainment, mystery, mayhem and adventure.


All the books explores positive themes, such as kindness, not giving up, being persistent and the importance of doing good deeds.


There are also fun free games to enjoy online.

What to read first?

Mystery, mayhem, crime, fun and frolics? Can you help Kody solve the mysteries? The Case of Green Ham and Disappearing Ducks are the tales for you, in The Dog Detective Series.


Prefer to colour in? Check out the  Dog Detective Colouring In books.

More interested in the antics and adventures of a white, fluffy very zany dog and his friends.
The Adventures of Sweetpea Series is the one for you.

Have fun!

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