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Sweetpea's Special Day


Sweetpea's Special Day
Sweetpea's day is about to change.

But before it can, he has to to find his best friend Ben to help him decipher a letter. 

For 5 years and up.    

Beautifully illustrated. Full colour. 

An animal adventure that is built around real cuddly toy characters.


Sweetpea is an incredibly fluffy dog who introduces us to his friends in Dellwood valley. It's the first day of spring and Sweetpea is about to have a very special day. Why? As well as helping out his friends, he rises to the challenge of a litter collection competition. And the rest... well... you'll just have to read the story.


The environmental message of the story is interwoven with the animal antics in Dellwood.


Plus recipes that the animals love and that you can make at home.

Meet Dennis

5.0 out of 5 stars  Sweetpea sure had a great day!

Sweetpea certainly has a fantastic time in this lovely and heart warming book. Environmental issues such as the dangers of litter are addressed in a simple and child friendly way.
Lovely surprise at the end of the book as well!

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