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Sweetpea Follows his Nose

Sweetpea follows his nose.jpg

Sweetpea Follows his Nose, is the second book in the Adventures of Sweetpea series.

Beautifully illustrated, this book emphasises the acceptance of new neighbours and the importance of worm as Nature’s Recyclers. 

Sweetpea Follows his Nose, is edutainment, packed with nutty notions and fun-filled antics that only this very white, fluffy dog, can bring to Dellwood Valley.

It starts one morning when Sweetpea wakes up and decides to follow his nose. There’s a new scent on the wind and Sweetpea knows what that means. What he doesn’t know is all the surprises in store for him along the way.


Sweetpea, is not going to stay a white fluffy dog for very long.

Laughter guaranteed!

Fun recipes to try at the end of the book. A fun reading experience filled with alliteration and rhymes.


Love the antics of this little loveable character with the subtle environmental message thrown in for good measure.                                                             G.T

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